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翻译留学十一部 - 2012/6/3 22:39:00
安全生产 work safety

《安全生产法》 Law of the People’s Republic of China on Work Safety

包办婚姻 arranged marriage

成人文盲率 adult illiteracy rate

城市低保对象 urban residents entitled to basic living allowances

城乡差距 rural-urban divide

出生高峰 baby boom

初婚年龄 first marriage age

传宗接代 carry on the family line

错峰用电 off-peak power consumption

大男子主义 male chauvinism

单亲家庭 single-parent family

道路交通事故 road (transport)accident

登机失业率 registered unemployment rate

地下毒品交易市场 underground drug dealing market

调控房价 housing prices control

多子多福 the more sons, the more happiness

放任自流 laissez-faire

高速铁路 high-speed rail

个税起征点 personal income tax cutoff threshold

各类伤亡事故 death/injury involving accident of all categories

工伤保险 industrial injury insurance

工伤致残 disabilities caused by occupational diseases

公立医院改革 public hospital reform

拐卖妇女儿童 trafficking of women and children

关爱生命、关注安全 cares for life and attention on work safety

国家安全生产监督管理局 the State Administration of Work Safety

国家发展改革委员会 the National Development and Reform Commission

国家煤矿安全监督局 the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety

国有企事业单位 state-owned enterprises and institutions

国有企业下岗职工 laid-off personnel from state-owned enterprises

婚育、养老 marriage, childbearing and the elderly support

机关干部 government functionaries

基本国策 basic national policy

基本养老保险 basic retirement insurance

基本养老保险制度 basic old-age insurance system

基本养老金 basic old-age pension

基本养老金的按时足额发放 the timely and full payment of the pension

基层社区 grassroots community

畸形、死胎和夭折 deformity, stillbirth and premature death

计划外怀孕 extra/unscheduled pregnancy

家电下乡 home appliances going to the countryside

监测信息日报制度 a system of daily report on monitoring and information

交通畅通 smooth traffic

教育、感化、挽救 education, persuasion and redemption

教育公平 equal access to education

戒毒治疗和康复 drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation

金三角 “Golden Triangle”

近亲婚姻 close relative marriages

禁毒斗争 anti-drug campaign

经济、社会、文化权利 rights in the socio-economic and cultural fields

敬老院 old folk’s homes

九年义务教育 nine-year compulsory education

空难 air crash

跨国毒品犯罪活动 transnational drug-related crimes

廉租房 low-rent house

粮食最低收购价 crops’ minimum purchase prices

流动人口 floating population

买卖婚姻 mercenary marriage

卖淫嫖娼 prostitution; whoring

《煤炭安全监察条例》 Regulations of Coal Mine Safety Supervision

民爆器材 civilian blasting material

民工湖 migration of rural labor

民生 the well-being of people

母乳喂养 breastfeeding

男女同工同酬 equal pay for equal work to men and women alike

能源安全 energy security

农民工 rural people working in cities

农民企业家 farmer-turned-entrepreneur

贫富差距 gap between the rich and the poor (wealth gap)

贫困线 poverty line

平均家庭规模 the average life expectancy

人工喂养 bottle-feeding

人口出生率 birth rate

人口调控体系 a system of regulating and adjusting the population growth

人口过剩 overpopulation

人口结构 population composition

人口老化 the aging of population

人口普查 census

人口再生产类型 population reproduction pattern

扫除青壮年文盲 eliminate illiteracy among young and middle-aged people

少生优生 fewer and healthier births

社会福利机构 social welfare institutions

社会救济 social relief

社会事业 social undertakings

社会主义新农村 socialist new countryside

社会总从业人员 the entire workforce

生活在贫困的边缘 live in the abyss of impoverishment

生育保险 childbirth insurance

生育率 fertility rate

失业保险金 unemployment insurance payments

《失业保险条例》 Regulations on Unemployment Insurance

失业保险制度 an unemployment insurance system

实名购票 ID-based ticket booking system

试点 pilot program

收入分配 income distribution

司法协助 judicial cooperation

体罚 corporal punishment

统包统配的就业制度 the employment system featuring unified job assignment

退休金双轨制 dual pension scheme

瓦斯爆炸 methane gas explosion

晚婚晚育 later marriage, later childbearing

网络审查 Internet censorship

危险化学品 hazardous chemical

蜗居 dwelling narrowness

武装扫毒行动 armed elimination operation

下岗再就业 reemployment after being laid off

贤妻良母 virtuous wife and good mother

小学毕业生升学率 the rate of primary school graduates entering middle schools

协调发展 coordinated development

性别平等 gender equality

学龄儿童入学率 school-age children enrollment rate

烟花爆竹 fireworks and firecracker

一对夫妇只生一个孩子 one child per couple

一条具有本国特色的综合治理人口问题的道路 an integrated approach to the population issue with its own national characteristics
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